Geoff Earnshaw

Geoff Earnshaw _MG_5776After a ten-year flying career in the Royal Air Force Geoff Earnshaw entered the retail industry initially in London and then spent five years in Nigeria (West Africa) where he became General Manager of Kingsway Stores (Lagos); at the time Africa’s largest retail facility.

In 1970 he came to South Africa and was Managing Director of Afmark Distributors and a Director of Metro Cash and Carry.

Headhunted by Anglo American, he completed and launched Kenilworth Centre (Cape Town) and became a pioneer in the shopping centre industry at that time.

He was a co-founder and first Managing Director of Retail International which developed many well-known shopping centres.  During this period he founded, edited and owned “The Mall Magazine” and “The Retailer” and in addition wrote “Ringing up Retail Sales”.

By 1980 he had founded Earnshaw & Associates and was again a pioneer in another emerging industry, that of Interim Managing Director where he became well-known for many major company turnarounds over a period of 20 years.

Geoff is an ardent marketing strategist and his branding activities have always played a major role in his shopping centre and problem-company turnaround successes.

Over the years Geoff was a regular guest lecturer in South Africa, Europe and the United States of America on shopping centre development and management.

Geoff is an active 4 x 4 traveller, wildlife enthusiast, ocean-going skipper, mountaineer and with the benefit of Elise’s wildlife photographic skills, a sought-after 4 x 4 travel journalist.